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April 14, 2020

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How Home EMF Filters Work

There has been an increasing threat of dirty electricity in the current world and therefore we have to adapt and learn the safest way to survive. EMF filters for your home will assist you in decreasing the amount of this dirty electricity.

Dirty electricity is generated when power lines exceed the current electric limit of 60 Hz. In the advancements made in technology, electrical equipment needs to have a rectifier, which converts the electric current from alternating current to direct current and a transformer, which changes the voltage. During these processes, there is a corruption of the normal flow of electricity hence causing the dirty electricity. Some of the most common sources of dirty electricity includes computers and laptops, scanners, blenders, mixers, solar power systems, hairdryers, video game systems, printers, televisions, mixers, microwave ovens, cordless phone systems, battery charging devices, light dimmer switches, fluorescent light bulbs, modems, and Wi-Fi routers.

The effects of EMF radiation currently on studies by scientists. However, a problem has been noticed from about 2 decades ago, which is quite late due to the rapid advancements in technology. Currently, some of the problems associated with EMF and dirty electricity include; skin rashes, fatigue, depression, mood swings, sleep disturbances, headaches, asthma, cognitive impairment, and muscle and joint pain. This is caused by the disruption of the sensitive voltage mechanisms of the cells of our bodies by EMF. Children are the most affected by the dirty electricity because their brains are still under development.

House EMF filters prevent power surges or convert dirty electricity back to usable current. The two primary types of these filters are kill switches and plug-ins. The plug-in is a convenient filter because it has a built-in outlet at the bottom and you just need to plug it in a socket for it to operate. It is also considered environmentally friendly and safe. This system filters the unstable currents and transient the potential difference of the circuits around your home wiring. It converts the dirty electricity back into a good, usable and safe form. The number of such filters needed in a house is dependent on the number of electronic devices plugged in.

On the other side, an EMF kill switch terminates the flow of electricity by shutting off all the power, and is therefore mostly usable when we are sleeping. This is a crucial time for our bodies to reset, repair, and rest and therefore need the maximum possible protection. With the kill switch, you can easily turn off the circuits you choose to, remotely.

EMF filters are essential because it is proved that wiring at home exposes up to 80% of total EMF exposure. The advantages of this system include; ease of use, convenience, and peace of mind. To purchase the right EMF filter for yourself, you will need to analyze your needs against your budget requirements. A kill switch costs a little over $450, which is more expensive than a plug-in filter, which costs a little over $108. This is because kill switches provide a more lasting solution.

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