Indulge in Luxury with an Iron Claw Tub

July 1, 2020

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An Iron Claw Tub is a vintage design that is associated with elegance and luxury. In the past, these tubs were only found in wealthy homes where servants would bring hot water boiled on the stove to fill them before indoor plumbing was available. During the 1950’s and 60’s the focus was on affordable housing for growing cities and suburbs, so small, built-in showers were popular. These days, tubs are making a comeback in various sizes, materials, and styles.


People with any sized bathrooms can choose a tub instead of a shower because lengths and widths vary. The small ones, beginning at 50 inches, can fit against a short wall, or be placed at an angle in a corner. Large tubs, up to 74 inches in length, are the focal point of bigger bathrooms. The beauty of a freestanding Iron Claw Tub is the flexibility of placement. Built-in showers and tubs do not offer this versatility.


Materials are important depending on which bathroom the tub will occupy. Weight is the deciding factor in most cases. Metal tubs are heavy when empty, so adding the weight of water and an individual adds up fast. The sub-flooring and support beams must be assessed to make sure the tub will not fall through the floor. It is better to select these materials for first floor bathrooms.

Modern bathtubs are made of much lighter materials, such as fiberglass and acrylic. Suitable for second floor bathrooms and multiple story apartment or condominium buildings, more models are manufactured to be lightweight. Those building a house from the ground up can add extra support for the second story to handle a metal tub upstairs.


The claw foot is a luxurious design but not the only type of freestanding tub. Some have no feet and sit flush with the floor while others are set upon pedestals. All styles are available in many colors and textures to match existing decor or customize the look. Paints and finishes can be applied in most colors, including metallic ones. A rough texture or a custom shape can be imposed on the surface as well. Enjoy the luxury and relaxation that only a tub can provide.