World Traveler is a breakthrough open platform application developed by Psiloc that simplifies travel for both recreational and business traveler alike. The currently released version offers the following FREE and PREMIUM services:

Premium plug-ins

Flight Assistant PLUS

Now you will receive Flight Alerts with NO roaming fees.

Select, track and be alerted to your flights within a single-user interface. Search by flight number, by location (by city, airport or country), or benefit from automatic pop-up/ringing alerts, which notify a user of flight delays, changes or cancellations. The search feature automatically calls up departure and arrival times based on the airport nearest to the user. Users also have the option to search incoming and outgoing flights at airports world-wide.
The Flight Assistant plug-in also details the airline and flight number; the airport, arrival/departure time and date; the terminal number; the expected flight duration; the type of aircraft; the weather forecast for the selected destination and also the time of the most recent update regarding your particular flight's status.

An airline travel utility to select, track and be alerted to flights. Flight Assistant combines the benefits of a flight search and selection utility, a tracking utility and a flight alert utility.
Travel Safe

Store sensitive and important information on your phone. Travel Safe is a secure, encrypted virtual vault for storing your important travel information, such as your passport number, credit card number, travel insurance policy and other important information. All your data is secured behind a single user-defined password.

Travel Safe includes pre-defined fields for credit card, insurance, travel visa, passport, driver's license numbers and other important information. There is also a field for lock combinations, which is perfect for storing suitcase and baggage lock numbers, as well as hotel safe combinations.

a secure, encrypted virtual vault for storing important travel information on your phone. Passport, Identity card, Driver's license, Credit card 1, Credit card 2, Combination lock (Suitcase code), Travel visa 1, Travel visa 2, Insurance policy, Other data (Your notes, passwords, etc.)
WiFi Traveler

WiFi Traveler--powered by America's No. 1 corporate WiFi hotspot provider-iPass, enables users to not only connect to WiFi hotspots hassle-free, but also to avoid high WiFi rates and take advantage of more than 260,000 WiFi hotspots in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Once available only to corporate customers, WiFi Traveler offers quick access to WiFi hotspots via a user's mobile with no need for expensive or cumbersome hotel or restaurant WiFi services.

WiFi Traveler is also the natural replacement for World Traveler's popular Connect service. Although Connect will continue to be supported, World Traveler will now offer WiFi Traveler as its primary cost-efficient WiFi hotspot and internet savings plug-in.


Salah application is designed to help Muslim community everywhere in the world. It calculates the prescribed five daily Muslim prayer times as well as Qiblah direction for anywhere in the world. The application uses accurate and up-to-date prayer times calculation algorithm.


  • A user interface inspired from Islamic art.
  • Accurate and up-to-date prayer times calculation algorithm.
  • Qiblah direction relative to the true North.
  • Automatic notification at every prayer time, the application plays the Adhan sound and displays a visual notification.
  • The application displays the current Gregorian date and its equivalent Islamic(Hijri) date. The Hijri date is calculated based on the Umm al-Qura Hijri calendar.
  • The application displays a countdown timer that shows remaining time until next prayer.
  • The application highlights the next prayer in prayer timetable.
  • It provides dates of important Islamic feasts and occasions for the current Hijri year.

صمم برنامج الصلاة لمساعدة المسلمين على معرفة و تذكر أوقات الصلاة اليومية لأي مكان في العالم. و يبين البرنامج ايضا اتجاه القبلة. البرنامج يحسب اوقات الصلاة بطرق دقيقة وحديثة.


  • واجهة استخدام مستوحاة من الفن الإسلامي.
  • حساب أوقات الصلاة بطرق دقيقة وحديثة.
  • تحديد إتجاه القبلة بالنسبة إلى جهة الشمال.
  • تنبيه أتوماتيكي عند كل صلاة, يتم تشغيل صوت الأذان واظهار شاشة تبين وقت الصلاة الحالي.
  • يعرض البرنامج التاريخ الميلادي الحالي والتاريخ الهجري المكافئ له طبقا لتقويم أم القري.
  • يظهر البرنامج عداد تنازلي يبين الوقت المتبقي حتي وقت الصلاة القادمة.
  • تمييز وقت الصلاة القادمة في جدول مواعيد الصلاة.
  • عرض المناسبات و الأعياد الإسلامية للسنة الهجرية الحاليه.

Free plug-ins

Travel Plan

Plan your trip down to the finest detail-and reduce your stress-with Travel Plan. Travel Plan enables you to use an intuitive, user-friendly trip planner that automatically synchronizes your meetings and trip events with your mobile phone's calendar. Finally, not only does Travel Plan keep you organized, it offers you the ability to set alarms in order to keep that business trip or vacation right on track.

Using Travel plan is simple, quick and intuitive: Input fields include information slots for time, date and subject of an event. Travel Plan not only synchronizes this information with your calendar, but it is fully-integrated with other plug-in information as well, such as that from Psiloc's popular plug-ins, Flight Assistant and Weather.

Plan your trip down to the finest detail-and reduce your stress-with Travel Plan.

Find available hotel rooms in your travel destination or current location and book from a selection of more than 90,000 hotels worldwide.

Hotelzon Mobile allows users to search and book hotel rooms in real time from a selection of more than 90,000 hotels worldwide. Hotelzon's total coverage includes more than 180 countries and 20,000 cities, and all of the hotels and hotel rooms that appear in search results are in real time and available at that moment for booking. Hotelzon Mobile provides following features:

  • GPS search - for a near-future search based on current location
  • Quick search - for an easy country- and city-based search
  • Advanced search - for a more detailed search
  • My reservations - for browsing and canceling existing reservations

Hotelzon Mobile is available in 23 different languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Find available hotel rooms in your travel destination or current location and book from a selection of more than 90,000 hotels worldwide

Current conditions and a 5-day weather forecast for 5000 popular travel destinations worldwide. Weather forecasting provided by:

a five day weather forecast and current conditions for 5000 of the most popular travel locations worldwide
Weather provided by Foreca

World Clock

As World Traveler is designed for the strained eyes of today's travelers, a maximum of four cities may be displayed at once. The practical benefit of this design is that the analog clocks have large faces, and the digital clocks have clear, unambiguous numerals, making it simple for travelers to tell the time even under the most difficult conditions. Analog clock faces automatically indicate whether it is day or night in the selected city. The digital-face option, inspired by arrival and departure boards of yesteryear, is available for travelers who prefer a 24-hour clock.

four analogue or digital clocks which show local time in four cities of your choice simultaneously. Analogue faces indicate current day and night.

The automatic currency converter converts automatically using your location and the daily closing values of 184 exchange rates to instantly provide you with the values you need with a minimum of interaction. All you need to is input the value of an item and the Currencies plug-in generates conversions in up to 4 currencies at once in real-time.

automatic currency converter which uses local exchange rates. The currencies plug-in supports daily closing values of 184 exchange rates.
World Map

A moving 3D globe which shows the current day and night cycle for the whole planet. You select your city and any other city in the world so you can quickly decide, for example, whether it's too early or too late to make your next international phone call!

A moving 3D globe which shows day and night zones with My City (green pin) indicated.

Become a partner

World Traveler is an open platform that offers new, premium travel services on your mobile phone. Psiloc offers a development API so that select, third-party service providers can offer premium, billable content via a custom plug-in through World Traveler�s plug-in manager.


In addition to English, World Traveler is localized in a further 18 languages: Arabic, Chinese HK, Chinese PRC, Chinese TW, English US, French, French CA, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese BR, Russian, Spanish, Spanish AM, Ukrainian