Important Hygiene Tips For Portable Toilets

September 30, 2019


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If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that we’ve all had that urge to “go” at inconvenient times. Perhaps it is when we are at work, or when we are in transit. In any case, we have had to use the restroom at times when a conventional restroom just wasn’t available.

Fortunately, portable toilets are available to make this less of a concern. There are plenty of people who are grateful to these facilities when a typical bathroom is nowhere nearby. But just like your usual restroom, these spaces require users to be responsible about cleanliness and safety. Keep these hygiene tips in mind for the next time you use portable toilets.

Keep Sanitizer On Hand

It is safe to assume that other people may have used a mobile lavatory before you. With this being the case, it is possible that various bacteria and microbes have been left on surfaces that have been touched, such as the door handle. It will be a good idea to carry hand sanitizer whenever you go out, just in case the facility does not have its own sanitizer available.

Clean Properly

A key aspect of maintaining your hygiene is to clean yourself well when finished. It may seem trivial, but its importance cannot be understated. Be sure to wipe properly after finishing, and be sure to clean the area around the toilet if necessary. This can protect you from infection, as well as safeguard the next person who comes after you.

Dispose Of Any Used Materials

We have always been admonished to keep places as clean as we found them, and this is very important for portable toilets. Refuse that is left in the space, such as used tissues and wipes, can become breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms. In turn, this can make the lavatory unsafe for anyone else who needs to use it. Be sure to clean up after yourself when you are done.

Touch With Caution

When using any sort of public restroom, try to avoid contact with fixtures as much as possible. Usually, disposable toilet seat covers are available for this situation. If they are not available, toilet paper makes a suitable substitution. When leaving, use toilet paper or paper towels to operate the faucet and the door.

Wash Your Hands

The most important element of lavatory hygiene can be one of the easiest to forget, especially if you are pressed for time. If a sink is available, always stop to wash your hands before leaving. This is one of the best methods for eliminating germs that can make you sick.

Call The Manager If Necessary

Sometimes you may notice an issue with the mobile lavatory you are using. If so, do not hesitate to contact whoever is in charge of the unit. In most cases, a contact number will be on the facility.