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October 4, 2019

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Why Log Sidings are Ideal Options for your House

One popular trend today in log home construction would be in building hybrid log homes. Hybrid log homes are built through the use of traditional stick frame construction and in applying log siding to the interior and exterior part of our home.

If you ever have a dream in living inside a log cabin but you have never taking this seriously because of all the work that is needed, there’s no longer to excuse yourself anymore. Log sidings in fact uses half-logs which are being nailed like any regular wood siding, but this is able to give off an appearance of log cabins. The half logs also are identical with the full logs and it can also be applied through any pre-existing structures with a pre-existing surface which then gives a timeless look for the most modern homes. Such paneling in fact is still being made from real timber and it also comes in various types of woods with all kinds of grains and textures. Another thing is that this is lighter compared to full-logs and there are in fact never any residual log settling and this could also be installed for both inside and outside of your house so that it could fully complete the natural look.

The use of log siding actually offers amazing flexibility because you could put siding on both inside and outside or you could finish the interior with groove and tongue paneling or drywall. Through the hybrid method of the construction process, all the electrical and plumbing is being hidden in the walls.

Another thing is that a log siding is kiln dried which removes the settling or checking. It is also grooved and tight fit and has an easy construction and you don’t need a crane just to lift the logs in place, which truly is helpful in saving costs. It likewise comes with built in drip edges so that there are no water settling on the log that will cause it to rot. This likewise do not have to be chinked, which will help you to save on labor costs.

Aside from the simple looking authentic that log siding has, there are other benefits which it can give. This can also give you the benefit of saving both physically and fiscally.

Cost Saving

A log cabin siding is much cheaper compared to full-logs due to the reason that this is mass-produced. This however doesn’t mean that it is cheap. This will actually depend with the type of wood where the prices would depend per foot. But because such material is easier to install compared to the real thing, labor costs are actually less.

Increases Property Value

Not only are log siding attractive, it could also help to increase the value of your property and paneling is fully insulated as well. Because of its energy efficiency, log siding could help in lowering utility bills.

Keeping it Real

Because of the fact that it looks completely natural, there’s no need for you to spend more energy and money in painting it and in repainting the exterior of your house.

It is Environmentally Friendly

Whether you believe it or not, a log siding is very environmentally friendly because this does not use a whole log and there’s more that can be made from a single tree. Such procedure in fact could help to conserve the environment because it limits wood wastes.

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