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January 3, 2020

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Unique Attributes of an Ethical Leader

Ethics refers to appropriate and desirable values as well as morals, according to a person or society at large. They deal with the purity of people and their intentions. Also, they do serve as guidelines for analyzing what is right and wrong in a specific situation. Correlating leadership and ethics, you can be able to find out that ethics is all about the identity and the responsibilities of leaders. Ethics is an essential part of leadership. A leader is someone who drives and also influences their followers in order to achieve specific set goals, be it organization quest, teamwork, or any project. It is an ethical responsibility or job of a leader to treat their followers or subordinates with a lot of respect because each of them has a unique and great personality. Basically, the Ethical environment in any company or organization is normally built and also developed by the leaders as they have an influential responsibility in the company, and because of this, leaders must be having an influence in developing the company values. Below is an article with the unique attributes of ethical leaders.

One of the unique attributes of an ethical leader is the personality to defy group-think. The best leaders should display specific personality characteristics that are common across the history and cultures, those of intelligence and imagination in order to create a more compelling vision of the future and also help in bringing those who can deliver it together with them. It is also important that a good leader must be trustworthy as well as unshakable, display integrity, diligent and action-oriented in facing their setbacks while treating the people with a lot of respect, and not just as mere units of production.

An ethical leader should have the capability of setting good examples. Basically, leaders are seen to act from developed and set vehicle principles. This is crucial because they can be able to set consistently good examples for other subordinates to follow. For this reason, the steady force of the Year attitude over time can help them to trickle down and also become embedded in the organization’s culture. They should have a created moral Matrix in which people are going to operate and also internalize from day-to-day. In addition to this, ethical leaders are selfless. This means that they are strong in offering selfless services to all the people in the organization.

Finally, the best and ethical leaders are not afraid of facing challenges. This means that even if there are subordinates who are calling them out, disagreeing with them, challenging their judgment, all of these can call for a grid and proper understanding as well as tolerance. They should be able to understand that this is part of the culture of continuous improvement in day-to-day life. Ethical leaders should not identify too closely with their positions that they are occupying in an organization, such that making them be tempted to overstay their welcome. In addition to this, they should also take responsibility for everything that takes place, and therefore they should accept it directly or indirectly.

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