Project Managers Will Face a New Version of the PMP Exam Next Year

July 1, 2020

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Employers everywhere are looking for professionals who can lead projects to successful completion. Become a project manager and there will always be plenty of ways to keep moving onward and upward over time.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the gold standard among employers and workers alike. With some changes coming to the PMP test, anyone in the field will do well to come up to speed with what to expect.

A Radical Rethinking of the PMP Exam

The PMI is the most respected independent project management authority and has been for years. Its PMP certification is universally seen as the credential that says the most about an individual’s project management abilities and qualifications.

As a relatively young formal discipline, project management is still evolving rapidly. Conclusions that were considered rock-solid even a decade ago have since been replaced by more accurate and incisive analyses and best practices.

The PMI keeps up with this pace of change by updating the PMP exam every five years or even more frequently. The outlines of the next iteration of the PMP test have been released, and they describe an exam that will be very different from the existing one.

For one thing, the basic structure of the exam has been modified to do away with the process-oriented divisions that are used today. Instead of organizing their studies around the established phases of project management, test-takers will be expected to focus on issues like people and the surrounding business environment.

Despite this drastic departure from how things are currently laid out, the upcoming version of the PMP exam will be familiar in quite a few respects. Many of the principles that working project managers have learned to rely upon, for instance, will be just as applicable to the new material.

Preparation Will Pay Off

With so many significant changes coming to the field’s most important test, project managers everywhere will want to start getting ready. Fortunately, leading exam preparation services have already lined up all the resources that will be required to pass the new PMP exam. With all the required information now being available, many project managers have already started preparing for the upcoming version of the exam.