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November 1, 2020

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Learn About Post Exertional Malaise

The first thing we need to acknowledge is the fact that both healthcare service providers and even the patients across the globe need to figure out the kinds of symptoms that are completely disruptive or strictly disabling in one way or the other and from there, come up with management plans for those symptoms for when they do occur. This means that treatment of such symptoms should be of high priority at all costs. Another thing that should be done is ensured that there are strategies that would prevent such symptoms from getting worse. So many people may not really be aware of PEM. This is a certain condition where symptoms worsen due to minor physical or even mental kind of exertion. The symptoms tend to worsen from around twelve to even forty eight hours after the exertion activity occurs and it could last days or even weeks after that activity. The other thing you need to know about PEM is the fact that it could easily be mitigated by activity management which is referred to as pacing. The goal here is to incorporate balancing of activities so that one would be able to prevent PEM flare-ups. This piece seeks to educate people on what they need to know about PEM.

When it comes to PEM, the patients will have to figure out their personal limits when it comes to mental and physical activity. They should also ensure that they plan their activities and in the end get some rest so that they would be able to stay safely within the limits of those activities. This means that the patients will have to do everything possible to ensure that they do stay within the energy envelope. It is also vital to take note of the fact that each patient may have their own limits. For a patient to be able to identify their own limits especially when they are still early on their clinical care, they will have to ensure that they keep a diary for individual activity and symptom to help them track everything down. The healthcare service providers on the other hand need to remember that whenever patients with ME/CFS go above their own individual capacities, PEM will result. All in all, patients should never push themselves beyond their physical and mental capacities because that would trigger PEM.

Whenever such patients experience improvements in one way or the other, their activities could be increased cautiously while monitoring the negative effects of that would have on the patient. The activities of people with ME/CFS should be planned very carefully based on every individual with different capabilities. A rehabilitation specialist should be the one evaluate their designed activity plans.

Some people may be of the opinion that PEM is just a feeling of severe fatigue but that is not the case. PEM is a full body assault. The other vital thing people need to take note of is the fact that there is no specific treatment for PEM but it is something that can be managed through nutritional supplements, pacing and lifestyle changes, stress management and controlled exercise.

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